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2019 Pink Zebra Fall Catalog

The 2019 Pink Zebra Fall Catalog was finally released today!! Are you excited to view all the great new products and get your hands on them today?

2019 Pink Zebra Fall Catalog

The 2019 Pink Zebra Fall Catalog

The new catalog is full of great products for the Fall season. From all of the Autumn colors you love to the smell of pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, leaves falling, and all things fall, this catalog has something for everyone.

Join an amazing company!!

How about joining a great company?  With the catalog launch, Pink Zebra decided to give $50-$60 discounts to all those who would like to join the company!!

Kits with products valued at $300-$500 worth of products are marked down to $50-$139!!

Whether you are looking for some extra income, want a full-time business or just want a discount on some great products, now is the perfect time to join!!

New Products

With new Simmering Lights & Simmer Pots, bring Fall into your home year round with these warm, inviting colors.

Adding 10 new fragrance options, your house will smell great. The wide variety of new scents will leave you wanting to order them all!! Find your new favorite today!!

New Fall and Winter Shades are available, as well. Want to blend those warmers into your current home decor? Check out the new Galvanized Metal Gourd Accent Shade!! Perfect for hiding a light in the kitchen!!

Love rustic decor? This catalog has a great number of options in this style.

Don’t worry we still have so many of your tried and true favorites as well!! So make sure that you stock up for all your fragrance needs! And as always, all products are still non-toxic to humans and pets.


So hop on over to the website to check out all of the amazing new products!!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to leave it below!

Have an amazing day,


Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are made from soybeans grown in the USA!!

pink zebra sprinkles

Pink Zebra Soft Soy™© Sprinkles maximize fragrance! Sprinkles last 30% longer, burn more cleanly and consistently than traditional wax products and are chemical free. Therefore, sprinkles are 100% non-toxic to humans and pets.

One jar of Pink Zebra Sprinkles is equal to 2x the amount you get from other companies “bars.” With their small pellet-like shape, you can also mix them into “recipes” and create your own custom fragrance!!

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Recipes

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Samples

Are you still unsure if you will like Pink Zebra? Would you like to request a sample? I offer 2 different options when it comes to Pink Zebra Sprinkles samples:

  1.  The first option is my Sample of the Month club. With this option, you get a sample of the current month’s Paisley’s Pick, the following month’s Paisley’s Pick and 2 fragrance samples of your choice. Simply click here to choose this option.
  2. The second option is a one time free sample of any fragrance I have on hand. Simply fill out the following form to choose the type of fragrance you would like to try.