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Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are made from soybeans grown in the USA!!

pink zebra sprinkles

Pink Zebra Soft Soy™© Sprinkles maximize fragrance! Sprinkles last 30% longer, burn more cleanly and consistently than traditional wax products and are chemical free. Therefore, sprinkles are 100% non-toxic to humans and pets.

One jar of Pink Zebra Sprinkles is equal to 2x the amount you get from other companies “bars.” With their small pellet-like shape, you can also mix them into “recipes” and create your own custom fragrance!!

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Recipes

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Samples

Are you still unsure if you will like Pink Zebra? Would you like to request a sample? I offer 2 different options when it comes to Pink Zebra Sprinkles samples:

  1.  The first option is my Sample of the Month club. With this option, you get a sample of the current month’s Paisley’s Pick, the following month’s Paisley’s Pick and 2 fragrance samples of your choice. Simply click here to choose this option.
  2. The second option is a one time free sample of any fragrance I have on hand. Simply fill out the following form to choose the type of fragrance you would like to try.

Pink Zebra

Pink Zebra is latest in home fragrances. It is unique because of our Soft Soy Sprinkles.

Sprinkles can be warmed in our simmer pots, simmering lights, glimmer candles, OR EVEN a warmer you ALREADY own.

Sprinkles can be melted and easily mixed to create your own combinations or “recipes.”

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are made from soybeans grown right here in the USA!! They are non-toxic to humans and pets.

Our Sprinkles burn cleaner, last 30% longer than our competitors and are non-carcinogenic.

You’ve Smelled The Rest… Now Try The BEST!!